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At FL Garage Door Depot Boca Raton, we make a friend out of every customer. Our customers always comment on our truly helpful and friendly technicians. We take the time to explain your garage door problem and how to avoid problems in the future. When your garage door is not operating or having trouble, we understand it is a major inconvenience for you. We are sensitive to this and work hard to get you back up and running as quickly as physically possible.

Our technicians are always friendly and courteous. We understand that your time is valuable and when your garage door breaks. We take the time to explain the necessary repairs and costs and we leave your home clean and tidy after our work is done.

We take pride in our service and we want you to call us next time you have a problem with any of your garage door needs. We strive to provide our customers with high quality service.

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We pride ourselves in customer service and our quality product line featuring the best garage door opener brands in the country like "LiftMaster". Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE (561) 203-9484.

Garage Door Repair Boca Raton

Garage Door of Boca uses the most advanced technology and applies the most professional expertise at absolutely the most competitive prices in the industry. Every output of our company suits all our customers’ needs at prices they can afford. Garage Door of Boca Raton offers the fullest diversity of garage door repair products and services.

Garage Door Spring Repair Boca Raton

Garage Door Boca is the only company that is capable of handling all major types, kinds and leading brands of garage door spring repair hardware and systems available in the market.
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Garage Door Opener Boca Raton

We provide the fullest range of garage door opener installation products and services in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding areas. So if you want the best garage door opener installation service in Boca Raton, FL
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The Right Garage Door Opener Boca Raton:

In order to find the right opener according to your needs, we break down the 3 types for you. Then pick the brand and the features you want. This page will walk you right through the process.

Chain Drives:

Chain drives use a metal chain to run the garage door on its track. Chain drives are used because they are extremely reliable, and for the most part, they are the least expensive. However, chain drives tend to be a little noisy; so if your garage is located beneath a bedroom for instance, this type might not be your best bet. If your garage is detached from your home or the noise will not bother you, this could be a good choice and save you a little bit of money.

Belt Drives:

Almost every garage door manufacturer or installer will tell you that belt drives are the best openers available. they are very reliable, But what makes them even more appealing, is that belt drive openers run on a rubber belt so they are virtually silent.

Screw Drives:

Screw drives use a lifting device that runs along a threaded steel rod.  The screw drive sections are held together with collars, and require high maintenance.

We don't recommend multi-part screw drives openers!

Pick the right brand Garage Door Opener Boca Raton:

Liftmaster® is the number one brand of opener on the market. We can sell any type of opener we want and we choose Liftmaster because they are the best. But don't take are word for it... Consumer Reports® has rated Liftmaster the number one opener for the past 5 years.

Pick the features you need.
shopping for the features that will make your life easier...  if you have any questions please call us. We are happy to answer any question.

The standard door garage is 7-feet tall, and the standard garage door opener will accommodate doors up to 6 inches taller than that. Taller doors require an extension kit.

Garage Door Repair Boca

Accidents Happen!

We'll Fix that up in no time. Our fleet of technicians are just a phone call away from getting your garage door back to new. Our years of experience and quality tools guarantee that we will be prepared for any job.

If you garage door is over a decade old, give us a call for new door estimate. Older doors have parts that can causer injuries, such as worn down tension springs.